The On the Time Lash Annual 2018

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In a special seasonal episode, Ben and Mark are joined by their old friend Jonathan Melville to discuss Twice Upon a Time, A Christmas Carol, the end of the Moffat/Capaldi era and the start of the Chibnall/Whittaker one.

Along the way they'll unwrap gifts, reflect on Christmases past, present and still to come, discuss the pros and cons of Steven Moffat, Doctor Who in the age of Netflix and long form drama, and ask whether it's entirely helpful in the current climate to so egregiously misrepresent a whole era.

Apologies for the interference in the second half, clearly we're a bit out of practice.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a more frequent run of episodes, but for now, we hope you're happy to have us drunkenly gabbing in your ears again.