18. The Glory Holes of Rassilon

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  • Song Name: 18. The Glory Holes of Rassilon
  • Artist: On the Time Lash

Ben and Mark discuss the absence of the Doctor as they reach Love & Monsters and pair it with The Keys of Marinus. Can you really base a story around a monster designed by an 8 year old boy? Is a life as a paving slab any life at all? Is William Hartnell's holiday during The Keys of Marinus the BEST thing that ever happened to the show? All this and more in another exciting episode of On the Time Lash.

CORRECTION: Ben states that Terry Nation had only been a gag man for Tony Hancock before writing The Daleks. Mark felt that this was untrue. He was right, as Nation had written a number of radio shows, and a couple of science fiction serials for the BBC before 1963. As well as his work for a number of comedians including Hancock.