54. Sunflowers A-Go-Go

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  • Song Name: 54. Sunflowers A-Go-Go
  • Artist: On the Time Lash
  • Album: Series 5

After nearly a (very eventful) year away, Ben and Mark resume their "New=Who Watchthrough" with 2010's Vincent and the Doctor, pairing it up with 1964's Marco Polo.

Along the way, the pair get refused booze, discuss the weird world of Doctor Who themed ASMR, try to tactfully navigate discussions about mental health, gender and race before delving into some missing episode rumours.

Editor's note: Whilst a number of topical references have been excised, we are aware Broadchurch S3 finished nearly a year ago and that Chris Chibnall has indeed cast a brilliant woman as Doctor Who, but the discussion seemed like a good one to keep in!

See you in two weeks, we promise!