72. When We Were Lion Kings

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  • Song Name: 72. When We Were Lion Kings
  • Artist: On the Time Lash
  • Album: Series 7

Ben and Mark bid farewell to three Doctor Who companions and ponder the differing approaches to the farewell story.

In 'The Angels Take Manhattan', they discuss just how sad and tragic an ostensibly happy ending can be, suggest that Dudley Simpson is better than Sting, compare Alex Kingston to a frog and wonder just how practical sending a Weeping Angel out for your groceries actually is.

And in 'Warrior's Gate', Ben can't get his head round how bad many companion departures actually are, Mark admires Paul Joyce's pretensions, and is it really just simply about how awful slavery is?

Contains references to Jean Cocteau, Lewis Carroll and Reg Varney...

ALSO: 'What's Brie Larson ever done to you?', Mark encounters some sexist internet trolls in the flesh.