76. Mammoth on a Submarine

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  • Song Name: 76. Mammoth on a Submarine
  • Artist: On the Time Lash
  • Album: Series 7

It's a Ben-lite episode, but will it be Love & Monsters or Blink?

Mark is joined by friends of the podcast Lee McMenemy (The Polis Box) and Richie Morgan (I Hate Doctor Who) to discuss 'Cold War' and 'The Ice Warriors'. Under discussion: Mammoths on submarines, Ultravox, planning your whole story around a title, everyday sexism, design marvels and scavenging hee-haw.

ALSO: The On the Time Lash listeners provide their worst Doctor Who anecdotes, Mr. Eccleston has some strong words about the state of the park and we discover the secrets of Richie Morgan's sock drawer.