81. Steven Monster

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  • Song Name: 81. Steven Monster
  • Artist: On the Time Lash
  • Album: Series 7

Ben and Mark reach the end of Series 7b with 'The Name of the Doctor' and pair it up with another story of myth, legend and future Doctors; 'Battlefield'.

Is 'Name of the Doctor' a suitably exciting pre-cursor to the anniversary special, and does it still hold up today? And is 'Battlefield' a fitting farewell to one of Doctor Who's longest serving military leaders?

Under discussion this episode: INTRODUCING JOHN HURT AS THE DOCTOR, the Doctor's tears, air-snogging, a crash course in Arthurian legend, nuclear disarmament, and doing your best.

ALSO: Ben reveals which Doctor Who celebrity he saw out and about doing their shopping and a tribute to a stalwart of Scottish television.