The Timeless Sound of Men Moaning Online

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  • Song Name: The Timeless Sound of Men Moaning Online
  • Artist: On the Time Lash
  • Album: Series 12

With Britain under lockdown and in the grip of a terrifying global pandemic Ben and Mark look back to happier times when all we had to worry about was a Sunday tea-time sci-fi series.

So Series 12 then - Are we any closer to getting to know Ryan and Yaz? Has this series been a last minute flip-flop on the previous series' approach? Is the Doctor's new backstory too dark? What does it or should it mean for the show going forward? Ben and Mark attempt to answer all of these questions, whilst picking out some of their favourite and least favourite moments from the series whilst weighing in on long-dead arguments over character motivations.

Also: Musings from quarantine, Star Trek: Picard, cult telly in a post-MCU world and an actual doctor writes in.