83. In the Nudey Bums

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  • Song Name: 83. In the Nudey Bums
  • Artist: On The Time Lash
  • Album: Season 7

Ben and Mark say farewell to Matt Smith in their final podcast of the 11th Doctor era as they pair 'The Time of the Doctor' with the 3rd Doctor's farewell 'Planet of the Spiders'.

Does 'Planet of the Spiders' set out the stall for all future regenerations? Should 'The Time of the Doctor' have been a two parter? Isn't it a *bit* creepy to carry around a disembodied Cyberhead?

Their discussion takes in nudity, baldness, the awkward clash of broad comedy with doomy finality, turning your back on the celebrations of 2013, Eastern philosophy, the ending of Mad Men and questionable portrayals of mental handicap.

Due to the Coronavirus, Ben and Mark have seen a knock to their income. If you've enjoyed the podcast these past six years then you can buy us a pint at buymeacoffee.com/onthetimelash.