84. Not Your Teenage Sister's Doctor Who

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  • Song Name: 84. Not Your Teenage Sister's Doctor Who
  • Artist: On the Time Lash
  • Album: Series 8

Ben and Mark welcome the 12th Doctor as they discuss 2014’s feature length, cinematic spectacular Deep Breath with a suggested pairing of Robert Holmes’ ghastly gastronomic 1985 story The Two Doctors.

Along the way, they travel back along their own timelines to ponder their initial reactions to Deep Breath compared to their opinions on it now, discuss the merits and flaws of bringing back old Doctors outside of anniversaries and talk effusively about the work of Ben Wheatley and casting of Peter Capaldi.

ALSO: Being sexually intimidated by Jacqueline Pearce, watching Doctor Who with Frank Skinner, nibbling on an Ogron, Season 6B and whether or not The Two Doctors goes too far.