86. King Johnathon

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  • Song Name: 86. King Johnathon
  • Artist: On the Time Lash
  • Album: Series 8

It's medieval madness as Ben and Mark discuss ROBOT OF SHERWOOD and THE KING'S DEMONS. As they wander through Sherwood forest, the Lash Lads chat about grumpiness, comedy in Doctor Who and take a little detour to look at the rise of internet criticism and clickbait snark.

After that, they wander around an old castle whilst singing songs of the Crusades, discussing historical inaccuracies, the mad story of Kamelion's conception, unconvincing beards and the slightly more muted season finales of the classic series.

You can read Ben's first "Time Worrier" column at onthetimelash.wordpress.com from Sunday 3rd May!

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