88. Soup

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  • Song Name: 88. Soup
  • Artist: On the Time Lash
  • Album: Series 8

Ben and Mark take to Zoom for the first On the Time Lash video podcast - discussing 'Time Heist' and 'The Ribos Operation' so apologies in advance for the occasionally tinny audio. Mark discovers that 'Time Heist' has less in common with 'Ocean's 11' and more in common with something else entirely and Ben's left cold by the wintry charms of Ribos.

Under discussion: Female villains, casting speculation, the 12th Doctor's character, Sgt. Bilko, con artists and Tom Baker coming face to face with God.

Also: The cracks in Eric Roberts' living room, Mary Tamm in Poundland Wonderland and Scottish words.

You can watch the special, longer, video version of the podcast on our YouTube channel and you can visit buymeacoffee.com/onthetimelash if you want to buy us a pint!