96.1 Heritage Centre of the Daleks

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  • Song Name: 96.1 - Heritage Centre of the Daleks
  • Artist: On the Time Lash
  • Album: Series 9

Ben and Mark open a series of mostly 2-parters with a Davros 2-parter of their own!

Starting with 'The Magician's Apprentice' and 'The Witch's Familiar', the Lash Lads discuss Davros' hitherto unseen skills as an actor, fan anxiety over Doctor Who alienating new viewers, where and how exactly Davros' eyes came from and whether it's okay to steal someone's wheelchair if they're basically Hitler.

Also: The inaugural Degsey's Where Did It Come? Game prize-giving ceremony, match-fishing with Tony Kirrage and how Peter Capaldi playing electric guitar on a tank shattered Mark's Netflix apathy.

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"Weeping Song" - words and music by Nick Cave