96.2 Two Thirds of Fascist Allegory, Barman

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  • Song Name: 96.2 Two Thirds of Fascist Allegory, Barman
  • Artist: On the Time Lash
  • Album: Series 9

In the second of their Davros 2-parter, Ben and Mark go back to the very beginning with (categorically) Terry Nation's masterpiece Genesis of the Daleks.

Under discussion: The shadow of nuclear anxiety and fascism in Nation's best works, prejudice, brutality, the directorial genius of David Maloney, how Genesis is Doctor Who's Hamlet and we completely forget to talk about the giant clam.

Also: Possibly the hardest ever round of DWDICG, Ben and Mark pitch a new beer to Brewdog, Mark's tenuous familial link to Michael Wisher and a very special tribute indeed...