99.2 Cotton, Ky, Jo

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  • Song Name: 99.2 Cotton, Ky, Jo
  • Artist: On the Time Lash
  • Album: Series 9

Bang the War Gong! Ben and Mark are back with Lee, Dave and Cameron of The Polis Box to discuss The Mutants.

Following an impromptu Jon Pertwee themed round of Would I Lie to You? they discuss the end of empire, science fiction allegories for recent appalling geopolitical behaviour, a disappointing lack of Roger Delgado, jumped up tyrants with gravy on their shirts and unconvincing rubber monsters.

Also: Would you give Brian Eno the power to erase people? The proliferation of laboratories in the Pertwee era and the failures of the Gallifreyan postal service.

You can join in with the 100th episode recording here.