101. #NotMyEldrad

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  • Song Name: 101. #NotMyEldrad
  • Artist: On the Time Lash
  • Album: Series 9

Ben and Mark say farewell to two long-serving companions and celebrate the 46th anniversary of The Hand of Fear by pairing it up with Face the Raven.

Trap Street's back, alright? Visiting an alien refugee camp, the Lash Lads quibble the legality of Me's contract with the raven, Mark's disappointed to see a bunch of drably costumed extras on a Harry Potter set, Ben's unconvinced by the Doctor's fury and Letitia Wright is wasted in an expositionary role. But what of Rigsby?

Meanwhile over at the Nunton nuclear power station, Mark discusses doing Chernobyl on a shoestring, Ben loves a quarry and small, positive steps for trans acceptance in 1970s television before the near-immediate murder.

Also: Ben and Mark find a new guru figure, the correlation between dislike for Clara and the #NotMyDoctor "movement" and a series of references to obscure British crime shows.