105. A Red Hole

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  • Song Name: 105. A Red Hole
  • Artist: On the Time Lash

In a crossover worthy of Marvel comics, Ben and Mark are joined by Dylan and Jack from 'Doctor Who: Too Hot for TV' to discuss fake invasions, hollow pastiches, dodgy American accents and much more by way of 'The Return of Doctor Mysterio' and 'Invaders from Mars'.

Under discussion: letting an old man in through your window, awkward sex stuff, nostalgia for the Eighth Doctor era, feeling protective over Mark Gatiss and whether or not Steven Moffat has actually seen a superhero film since the 1970s.

Also: A definitive decision on the best War of the Worlds, Dylan pitches a documentary about Ian Levine, there's a chocolate surprise from listener Andy Moore and another round of DICS sees everyone gargle with gravel.

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