106. Skagra's Big Baw

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  • Song Name: 106. Skagra's Big Baw
  • Artist: On the Time Lash
  • Album: Series 10

On the Time Lash: The College Years opens with a discussion of 2017's The Pilot and the unfinished 1980 serial Shada. In other words, it's Joy Division and cheap lager v.s bicycles and acapella choo-choos.

Is The Pilot really a fresh start? Who or what influenced Steven Moffat's re-imagining of the 12th Doctor as an educator? What happens when you add orange juice to Vodka and Coke? Just what is the definitive version of Shada and what the bloody hell does Kylie Minogue have to do with all of this?

Also: The Degsestial Funmaker pays a long overdue visit to launch a new series of Degsey's Where Did it Come? Game, Ben and Mark ponder when Doctor Who last excited them and Ben shares quite a moving story about the personal connections he has to Douglas Adams' great unfinished work.

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