107. Aubergine

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  • Song Name: 107. Aubergine
  • Artist: On the Time Lash
  • Album: Series 10

Aubergine emojis and a bit of a gunging, it's Ben and Mark's discussion about 'Smile' and 'The Happiness Patrol', will happiness prevail?

Yer auld da writing about emojis for yer auld space uncle, the old-school charms of 'Smile', stunning location work. Then it all gets a bit high-fallutin' with a discussion of the influences of Margaret Thatcher, German expressionism, Kafka, Chekhov, and Ionesco on 'The Happiness Patrol'.

Also: Ben is buoyed by the positivity of Doctor Who day, a guest appearance from Tom Baker, John Barrowman's Scottish accent and more ropy impressions in another few rounds of DICS.

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