112. Claws of Axos Meets It's a Knockout

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  • Song Name: 112. Claws of Axos Meets It's a Knockout
  • Artist: On the Time Lash
  • Album: Series 10

Ben and Mark discuss hangovers, wasted potential and climates of fear as they try to spin a few hours out of 'The Pyramid at the End of the World' and 'Warriors of the Deep'.

Ben and Mark try to criticise the failings of 'Pyramid' without being too insensitive, discussing how successfully Doctor Who tries to tackle Brexit and Trump through the Monk's trilogy. Meanwhile, Margaret Thatcher throws a spanner in the works for Johnny Byrne's Cold War allegory 'Warriors of the Deep'.

Is the Doctor's blindness actually just a bit insulting? How did that chemical lab meet building regulations with such a dangerously access unfriendly lock? What exactly does Turlough offer young boys watching at home?

ALSO: Ben and Mark audition for the Degsestial Funmaker's Shakespeare Company, Mark's girlfriend drunkenly tries to describe the Myrka and there's a competition to win a copy of Sylvester McCoy's new film 'The Owners' on DVD.