116. Body Horror with Ben and Mark

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  • Song Name: 116. Body Horror with Ben and Mark
  • Artist: On the Time Lash
  • Album: Series 10

Two fine examples of body horror, Ben and Mark discuss Cyber origins by way of 'World Enough and Time'/'The Doctor Falls' and the Big Finish audio 'Spare Parts'. As well as discussing the inevitability of the Cybermen, they also discuss the relatable aspects of the Master's self-destructive downfall.

With 'Spare Parts', they ponder how much Big Finish has changed since the show returned in 2005 and how you avoid the pitfalls of "just doing Genesis of the Daleks again".

Also: Has Steven Moffat actually written the last ever episode of Doctor Who? What does the Doctor's failure say about the political climate of 2017? And what's it like to cook a lasagne in the company of four different versions of Nick Briggs?