117. Live, Laugh, Logopolis

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  • Song Name: 117. Live, Laugh, Logopolis
  • Artist: On the Time Lash

Ben and Mark are joined by artist, model maker and friend of the show Millie McKenzie to bid a fond, melancholic farewell to Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat and Tom Baker.

Is ‘Twice Upon a Time’s meta look at the show’s history from 1963 to 2017 perfect Christmas viewing or one last self-indlugent flourish from a departing writer? And is ‘do the exact opposite of Douglas Adams’ a wise choice for anyone when the result is ‘Logopolis’? We discuss all of this along with mathematics, mortality and getting rid of Tom Baker without pomp or occasion.

Also: Can you have too much David Tennant? A very special May Day edition of Degsey’s Impression Challenge Segment and don’t you think Ben and Mark look tired?